Summer chinos

These casual trousers have quite rightly become an evergreen in our wardrobe. Modern variations of this timeless classic make chinos a must-have for this season and the next! They reflect the laid-back attitude of the Americans as well as their love for a dress code. These men's chinos, also referred to as khaki trousers, are the perfect casual trousers for stylish men with class. Thanks to the endless styling possibilities, these trousers are never out of place and promise a flawless look for both business and pleasure.

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The history of chinos
The name chino was given to these cotton trousers by the Chinese. They exported the sand-coloured trousers to the Philippines, which was occupied by the Americans from 1934 to 1946. The soldiers stationed there loved these casual men's cloth trousers so much that they took them back with them to the US and called them "chinos" in reference to their origin. After the war, the former soldiers used these souvenirs to establish the preppy look at American Ivy League colleges. This style of clothing is still sold successfully by numerous labels today. The main components of this style remain the navy blazer, cardigan, horn-rimmed glasses and classic men's chinos.

Casual, classy or cool – chinos for summer
Summer chinos provide countless possibilities for creating a unique outfit that makes you feel good and look good. Team these summery chinos with a leather jacket, a blue men's T-shirt and desert boots for a hint of a rebel look that picks up Steve McQueen's style in the 1963 film classic "The Great Escape". For a casual look, men's chinos can also be teamed with a trendy print T-shirt and chunky boots.
Men's chinos remain in the current collections but vary in colour and detail. Colourful designs are mostly on trend in summer. Irrespective of whether they come in a classic or new cut, colourful or neutral colours, men's business chinos are a fashion classic and a must-have item in any wardrobe.

These men's cotton chinos are available at MEYER
In the MEYER-Hosen online shop, you will find many different styles of the popular men's chino trousers: Roma and Diego are perfect for a smart and sporty look. The Regular Fitt chino stands for a straight leg, with a modern silhouette, regular-rise waist and regular hem width. Our New York, Rio, Oslo and Dubai styles come in a "Modern Fit" with a slightly slimmer silhouette, regular-rise waist and hem width of 38 cm. Our "Italian Fit" chinos Bonn and Dublin tick all the boxes with their slim yet comfortable silhouette – perfect for fashion-conscious men.If a slim silhouette is your favourite, then our Slim Fit Chinos will fit you perfectly.

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