Corduroy chinos

Corduroy chinos for men
Corduroy chinos or cord trousers without waist pleats are experiencing a men’s fashion revival. The velvety sheen of the corduroy fabric and the ribbed outer surface give our corduroy chinos a totally individual look that cannot be compared with any other material.
These corduroy jeans go with a wide range of styles and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Be confident and go for colour. With five-pocket cords, men too have a variety of hues to choose from. Fir green, bordeaux red or deep blue versions are not a rarity and bring variety to the wardrobe.

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Corduroy trousers have been a classic of the men’s wardrobe since forever. The robust fabric is soft and cosy yet stylish. Available in numerous cuts, colours and fabric thicknesses, this all-rounder of the men’s fashion world is always wonderful to mix and match.

The classic woven corduroy fabric originated in the English city of Manchester. Corduroy fabric was produced there for the first time in the 18th century. For this reason, corduroy is often still called “Manchester cloth” today.
Corduroy is differentiated into the following cord types depending on the width and thickness of the woven fabric: Elephant cord is the widest corduroy variant and usually comprises 10 to 25 ribs per 10 cm. Genoa cord is also called Manchester cloth and forms a medium-fine woven fabric that comprises between 25 and 40 ribs per 10 cm and the needlecord or babycord variants form the finest appearance of this fabric with a high number of vertical ribs – 40 per 10 cm.

Whether you wear them with a jumper, cardigan or casual shirt, or paired with a smart business coat, thanks to their soft fabric, these trousers give every outfit a special look.
At MEYER, you will find high-quality men’s corduroy trousers and chino trousers mode from different faabric in many colours and designs.

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